CAS Final Reflection

CAS program helped me to gain new skills and abilities. It increased my awareness of my strengths and kept me developing in every CAS component as creativity, action and service. It was a great experience and after 3 years of doing it I can say that it greatly benefited me. Before I start my final reflections about all the benefits that CAS gave me I want to say what difficulties I came across and give a kind of “do and do not” for future and current IB students. Firstly, CAS thought me never to procrastinate and write reflections systematically. It not only helps you to organize but also in a way enhances your experience. When I started writing the reflections regularly it became a habit for me and also I started to enjoy it. It was like a blog where I recorded my experience and progress rather than just another homework.


My final reflection I want to start with discussing creativity. For me this part of CAS was the most interesting and gave me an opportunity to improve my artistic skills but also show my individuality.  Because of the CAS I decided to start painting once again. I’m not good the technical side of art conversely, the reasoning behind it was to improve. Probably I did – just a little tiny bit.  I can say that painting was probably the most enjoyable but at the same time the most challenging activity. It required from me to be patient and committed to finish my final work. From now on I learned to always be motivated. It may sound trivial but looking at unfinished painting made me realize how wrong is to discard my projects early. Other actions I did for creativity was cooking, photography and showing engagement in cultural connected events like Halloween or Christmas. These actions benefited me by being more open minded,  becoming more knowledgeable upon other cultures and immersing in cultural event, such as Halloween because it’s not typically an event we would participate in, in Poland.


During these three years activities was a challenge for me to engage in. Throughout my life I never enjoyed sporting activities. Although, I learned to balance theory and practical activities together over time. I think the biggest experience I gained was from tennis. Tennis thought me how to work in a group of people and show empathy towards tennis players in my group. Through playing this sport I have discovered that by staying loyal and committed is the only way to achieve an improvement. For example, three years ago when I first started playing, I noticed that I struggled to find my place with the other tennis players. Never the less, throughout hard work and year through training I managed to find my place in the tennis group. By playing as a group I managed to collaborate with others. This was my favourite part of the sport because the team motivated me and showed me my weaknesses and my strengths. Which was probably the best aspect of the sport.


In CAS, service was the most important component because it had the biggest impact in my life. After three years of helping others as a volunteer it has changed my outcome on life dramatically. I enjoyed service because I was inspired and touched by others who helped out the less fortunate people in the community.

Every year I take part in GOCC. GOCC is based around helping elderly and sick people. Personally, the most rewarding aspect of taking part in GOCC was the experience from it all. I love to help people. Additionally, I was a volunteer at IEM. I learned how to help others and not shy away in certain scenarios. Along with building up my confidence I learned theoretical knowledge about running such mammoth events and how these events work. This knowledge was useful later on during my Business and management lessons.


Group4Project let me to demonstrate my skills and a lot of commitment. My responsibility was the success of the project. Organization the fund raising for the IB Magazine was mainly my task. It developed and strengthens my organizing and group working skills. Moreover I prepared the design of the magazine in which required from me a lot of creativity but also learn new programs. This project helped me to realize how engagement and individuals work is important in the success of the whole assignment.


In conclusion, I want to highlight that CAS was an eye opening experience for me. From developing a balanced life style on my hobbies and school work. In the upcoming year I want to pursue with what I started during the CAS project. Writing a blog and or reflections was beneficial because I can look back at it in years to come and remember the experience as if it was yesterday. My last three years at IB helped me gain important skills, knowledge and experience to be an XXI century polymath.

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Because of the approaching final exams and deadlines from many subjects to hand in the Internal Assessemnts and such I decided to finish my tennis classes a bit sooner.

I can say it was quite an experience I gained during my 2,5 years of playing tennis. I’m proud of myself that now I will be able to play it freely with other people and maybe even take part in some competitions.

On the other hand I know that I could show a little bit more commitment and engagement. However, I am very proud of myself and also I greatly appreciate my couch who showed me how to improve my skills and be a better player.


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CAS Completion Form

CAS Completion Form

Please submit the complete form to the IB Coordinator by April 25 of your senior year.


Candidate Name: Victoria Dyczka    Date: 2016-02-23



Learning Outcomes


Nature/location of evidence

For example, email (date), journal (page #), form


Increased their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth


Playing tennis




Undertaken new challenges



Tutoring kids at Archangel’s House []


Planned and initiated activities


Making map of graveyard and teachers’ graves.




Worked collaboratively with others


Working at IEM



Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities


GOCC and collecting money to help diseased people



Engaged with issues of global importance



Writing letters – Amnesty International



Considered the ethical implications of their actions



Creative actions like making Halloween decorations and conflict with our culture []


Developed new skills


Controlling the crowd and helping people at Tour De Pologne



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Collecting money for IB Magazine

Today together wit my friends we collected money to print out out IB Magazine which is almost finished. The only problem is the money we need to collect which will cover the price of ink, paper etc.

Our group showed commitment and engagement because everyone prepared cakes and other food like tacos.

Below you can see some photos 🙂 :imageimage

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GOCC 2016

imageI just received and SMS from the GOCC with the information of how much money I have collected. It is more than in the last year 🙂 and I can tell that I gained quite and experience and I think I delt with some of my weaknesses, like shyness and now I don’t have problem to approach some random people.

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Jogging in winter

I’m not very fond of sports, any sports, but when I do something I do it for 100%. Today I decided to do some jogging in the woods. In my opitnion every activity outside during the winter is a torture, but sometimes you must. Even though I don’t like sports I’m an active person. I like to go outside, spend some time walking or running just to explore and see some beautiful views. I don’t consider it as a MUST DO to gain muscles and be more fit.

So, here are some photos I took while jogging. 😀 They, in my humble opinion, are very pretty and show how stunning is winter in Poland.


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GOCC 2016

GOCC ( The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) is a charity founded by the well-known Jurek Owsiak. Volunteers all over the world, but mainly in Poland, collected money to help diseased people and hospitals in Poland. This year the main goal is to provide decent medical care for seniors and buying medical equipment for pediatric wards.

The final of the event takes place on 10th of January. On that day volunteers, from all over the world are going out into the streets to collect money for the cause. I started very early, around 8 am trying to collect as much as possible. I’m motivated and very committed, because I know it will help many. Also seeing other volunteers roaming the streets and withstand the cold temperatures makes me feel as a part of something bigger and a part of a group. Our actions are beneficial for all the people who need help and in this way we show, that we care about them and their problems.

In this year I noticed that a lot more people was eager to help me. Even some kids from nearby orphanage decided to help me collect money and accompany me. They didn’t ask for money, they were just there to help me and had the same goal – to collect as much money as possible.  Because of the help they offered me I collected even more money. I handed in the money I collected quite late, because as always to show my commitment I was collecting moey till late hours.

After few days we received such information form the official GOCC page:

“Thanks to your help we’ve managed to raise more than 44 100 226 PLN.”

I’m very fond of that and I’m sure this money will be used for the right cause.

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Preparing cosplay

Yesterday I finished the first part of my cosplay – Katrina’s knives.  It took me around 3 weeks to make them look cool and look like real. I really enjoyed the time but it was very time consuming. It required many hours of continuous work on it, placing one after another layers of paint, carving some petite letters on it and many more.  But finally I finished PART of my whole cosplay 😀

It required from me a lot of commitment. In some point I almost gave up, but the thought of creating something a unique as this made me motivated and I continued working.

Here are some photos of the knives and my friend holidng it 😀 :IMG_0492

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Longboarding – „dance on the plank”

About a week ago I received my new board – longboard. Before I’ve mastered riding on penny board and skate board and now I decided to become a pro at riding a longboard. As it turned out longboards are less more stable than the other boards. Firstly I decided that I want to learn how to “dance on a plank”. I showed my strong commitment 😛 because it’s winter now in Poland and the temperature is reaching -15 degrees.  It was quite difficult to “dance’ on board in all this jackets and the temperature but basically I was doing it for a long hours (1-2 hours), twice or even more per day. I hope soon I will master it. Below you can see two videos, showing two most basics steps to “dance” on the longboard. They look quite easy 😀 but to master them on longboard… is quite of a challenge.

Longboard 1

Longboard 2

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Piano lessons

After watching the newest Star Wars: The Force Awakens one of my friend asked me if I can teach her how to play the Min Theme on piano. I haven’t been playing it for a quite long time but decided to help my friend. I decided to use my skill not only for myself but also to help others.

I decided to learn this song firstly and it took me quite a while. It wasn’t easy, so I decided to look for an easier one. Some may thing that playing piano is easy because it is only about pressing buttons in a right sequence, but the truth is different.

After couple minutes of searching I found a nice cover, with quite easy notes so I learned it.

Later we met in my hose and I thought it to here in less than an hour 😀 ! I remember I thought her something before and some basic piano chords, but now she can play a whole song.

I definitely showed my commitment and understanding, not my strengths and weaknesses but other people. I decided to find an easier version appropriate to her skills, thus to help her learn. Now I hope she will enjoy playing it on piano as I do and maybe I will teach her something more. J

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